Fela Organics

Fela Organics is an all natural 100% handcrafted quality skincare line made from raw organic superfoods. We offer our clients a wide range of quality 100% nontoxic fresh botanical ingredients. Our eco-friendly skincare allows everyone to enjoy a healthy lifestyle that not only helps you look amazing but also helps you feel amazing too. With Fela Organics you and your skin will be the most beautiful it has ever been. Fela Organics. A happy you a happy us.


Give your self the perfect glow

Love Yourself

Nourish your body with all natural products.

Our Story

Growing up in the Dominican Republic I was surround by women who took great care of their skin. My grandmother Fela was the one who taught me her secrets. At a young age I learned from my grandmother Fela that natural oils, herbs and fresh fruits were the secret to healthy beautiful skin. I have wonderful memories of my grandmother and I going outside enjoying the beautiful outdoors. We would pick fresh ingredients for our amazing face masks and body scrubs. As I grew my hobby for skin care and making products turned into my lifestyle, a chemical free lifestyle. And after having my son I became even more involved. Being a mother who breastfed my son I was very aware of everything I did. I wanted to make sure that every ingredient I put into or on my body was all natural, healthy and organic. Now what was my hobby for skincare became my true passion. Fela Organics, named after my grandmother Fela, was born. Fela Organics. A Happy You A Happy Us.